On the move

New Tides Platform is on the move again after a research intensive period of several months. After our very successful international conference last year, we took a step back from public engagement projects in order to focus our attention on slightly less dazzling, but equally stimulating works of writing, editing and developing new creative approaches in collaborative research.

During this period we worked with international organisations on phases of concept development for various arts projects, and with journal publishers in Britain and continental Europe. We particularly enjoyed working with the Multicultural Shakespeare Journal published by De Gruyter Publishing, on peer-reviewing new articles for their forthcoming journal issue. We were equally happy to contribute to New Theatre Quarterly with a book review on Elaine Aston and Mark O’Thomas’ latest book Royal Court: International.

Also, being fanatic theatregoers by default, we closely followed some of the most promising theatre works of the last season, which will feature in our forthcoming publications on new British adaptations of classic Greek tragedies.

Going forward. Watch this space!

2016/2017 will be a truly vibrant and invigorating year for us with a steadily developing new publication entitled Redefining Theatre Communities (working title), the launch of a year-long new international research project in late October/ early November and curating a unique exhibition of unorthodox portraits of urban enfants terribles.

Please follow this space to find out more on our forthcoming projects and events. You can also get involved by contacting us. We are also open to new collaborations with both organisations and individual artists.

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